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Heavy Roof Decking - Solid & Laminated Yellow Pine Roof Decking

Rough Cut FencingThe strength and beauty of Southern Yellow Pine make it ideal for roof decking in exposed beam construction – projects where you look up and see the support beams as well as the decking. Southern Yellow Pine is enjoyed in countless churches, hotels, welcome centers, cabins, and homes across America in this style of construction.

Southern Wood Specialties in Flomaton, AL manufactures solid Southern Yellow Pine tongue and groove roof decking according to the American Institute of Timber Construction (AITC) requirements. *See coverage below

Solid Sawn Roof Decking Products

  • 2x6 #1 T&G-V
  • 3x6 #1 Double T&G-V
  • Rough Cut Fencing4x6 #1 Double T&G-V
  • *Our Coverage is 5" as opposed to 5.25" as shown in the AITC and SPIB patterns


  • Endmatching
  • Predrilled holes for spikes (3x6 and 4x6 only)
  • Prestaining (large commercial jobs)
  • Paperwrapping
JBT Interlock

Yellow Pine Laminated Roof Decking Products

Rough Cut FencingSouthern Wood Specialties offers a prestine laminated roof decking option. Laminated roof decking is made from two to five pieces of lumber. This lumber is bonded together with a strong adhesive that is waterproof to form a strong laminated decking. Just like its cousin, solid roof decking, it is used for many applications including; homes, churches, mezzanines, balconies, and floors. With options including prestaining for large commercial orders, you can get the laminated roof decking that is perfect for your application. See all our options below that are available in Deco(knotty #1)& Supreme(nearly clear) grade.

  • Laminated 3x6 T&G-V
  • Laminated 4x6 T&G-V
  • Laminated 5x6 T&G-V
  • Laminated 3x8 T&G-V


  • Endmatching
  • Pre-staining (large commercial jobs)
  • Paperwrapping

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