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TREATED PINE BOARD & BATTEN – Just as good as Cypress and wayyy less expensive!

February 13, 2015 at 6:02 pm | Category: Rough Cut

With wide cypress so hard to find and so expensive when it is…(typically $4.50 per sq ft for Cypress Board and Batten) we have been selling LOTS OF CLEAR PRESSURE TREATED ROUGH PINE BOARD & BATTEN for around $2 per sq ft!  When Southern Pine is pressure treated it has the same rot resistance and weather durability as Cypress for much less money.   In the past folks have resisted using pressure treated pine for board and batten because they didn’t want the “green” treated color.  With this clear treatment we offer they can let it weather to a nice grey color similar to Cypress OR they can add a topical stainer/ sealer to give it a some other desired color.  In fact, when folks use our clear treated pine and add a topical stainer / sealer (one with some color to it…clear topical treatments like Thompson’s are not recommended) then most folks can’t tell weather they used Cypress or saved a bunch of money and used treated pine!

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Rough Cut Board & Batten

Rough Cut Board and BattenBoard & Batten – Click for Gallery
  • Available clear treated making it just as rot resistant as Cypress for HALF the price!
  • Includes 1×12 with a 1×3
  • Boards are 1” thick
  • #2 Yellow Pine
  • 10′ through 16′ lengths

*Ballpark* Pricing
Untreated = $1.40/sq. ft.
Clear Treated = $2.00/sq. ft.
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*Min. Order = 500 sq. ft.



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