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Southern Yellow Pine Log Cabin Siding - Exterior & Interior

Log Cabin SidingLog cabin siding is just what it sounds like - your home is just as it is, but the siding is such that your home now looks like a log cabin. Thin log segments (as opposed to entire logs or half-split logs) are placed as siding for your home for good, solid protection against insects and the elements, and it provides a down-home, earthy, rustic appearance and feel.

Log cabin siding can actually be a lot less difficult to deal with, even in its making. All of the shrinking and expansion from weather and such is generally avoided by treating the log splits with kiln drying. It can be a whole lot simpler and easier to install than one might imagine. Go Rustic with the exterior of your home with log cabin siding. Our pressure treated log cabin siding is ready for your stainer/sealer product with UV protection to be placed on the product.

Southern Wood Specialities offers a log cabin siding that will give you 110% satisfaction. Get a quote today by calling (251) 727-0961 or fill out our estimate form.

Our Unfinished Rustic Log Cabin Siding

Log Cabin Siding – Untreated for Interior – Yellow Pine

Knotty New Heart Pine FlooringInterior Log Cabin Paneling - Click for Gallery
  • Want the look of a log cabin inside and out? Our interior Log Cabin Paneling makes your home look great!


  • 6 7/16"
  • Untreated Paneling
  • Recommendations

  • Clear coat after installation

*Ballpark* Pricing
Untreated = $1.99/sq. ft.
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*Min. Order = 500/sq. ft.

Log Cabin Siding - Pressure Treated for Exterior - Yellow Pine

Knotty New Heart Pine FlooringLog Cabin Siding - Click for Gallery
  • Turn your existing home or new home into a beautiful log cabin with southern yellow pine log cabin siding.


  • 6 7/16"
  • 2 Treatment Options
  • Still needs a Stain or Sealer after installation

*Ballpark* Pricing
Regular Light Green =$2.72/sq. ft..
Clear Treated = $2.72/sq. ft.
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*Min. Order = 500/sq. ft.

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If you are looking for beautiful log cabin siding, then get a quote by calling (251) 296-2556 or (251) 727-0961 or filling out our estimate form.