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Southern Yellow Pine Fencing

Rough Cut FencingSo you are looking to fence in your yard? You are considering putting in a three to five corral board fence on your property. This type of fencing can add a rustic and a classic look to your front or back yard. Southern Yellow Pine is a great choice for the species of wood for your new fence. Southern Wood Specialties offers a 16 foot corral board that can be dressed or rough cut.

Our dressed 1x6 yellow pine has a nice smooth finish. We offer three treating options to get the exact look you are going for. Get the look of cedar without paying the cedar price with our Cedar Tone treating option. Is a more natural, light green color what you fancy? Our regular light green treating option would be the best fit for your needs. We also offer a clear treating option that let’s the natural wood shine through.

Southern Wood Specialities provides rough cut treated fencing or dressed . Get a quote today by calling (251) 210-8887 or fill out our estimate form.

Our Unfinished Fencing and Corral Boards

Rough Cut Treated Fencing - Yellow Pine

Knotty New Heart Pine FlooringRough Pine Fencing - Click for Gallery
  • Need a rough cut plank fence around your land? Our 1" rough cut fencing planks are perfect for you.
  • Full 1" Thick by 16 ft.
  • Pressure Treated
  • Rough Southern Yellow Pine

*Ballpark* Pricing
1" x 16' Fencing = $9.05/pc
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*Min. Order = $500

Smooth Treated Fencing - Southern Yellow Pine

Knotty New Heart Pine FlooringSmooth Treated Yellow Pine Fencing
  • If a smooth look for your wood fence is more your style, then our dressed yellow pine, treated fencing is exactly what you need.
  • Net 1" x 5 1/2 x 16'
  • Treating Options

  • Regular Light Green
  • Cedar Tone
  • Clear Treated

*Ballpark* Pricing
Regular Light Green = $6.00 sq./ft.
Cedar Tone = $7.50 sq./ft.
Clear Treated = $7.50 sq./ft.
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*Min. Order = $500

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If you are looking for southern yellow pine fencing, then get a quote by calling (251) 296-2556 or (251) 727-0961 or filling out our estimate form.