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Southern Yellow Pine Fencing

Rough Cut FencingSo you are looking to fence for your horse pasture? You are considering putting in a three to five corral board fence on your property. This type of fencing can add a rustic and a classic look to your horses to stay where you want them. Southern Yellow Pine is a great choice for the species of wood for your new fence. Southern Wood Specialties offers a 16 foot corral board that can be dressed or rough cut.

Our dressed 1x6 yellow pine has a nice smooth finish. We offer a green treating option to protect your fence from the elements. Is a natural, light green color what you fancy? Our regular light green treating option would be the best fit for your needs.

Southern Wood Specialities provides rough cut treated fencing or dressed . Get a quote today by calling (251) 727-0961 or fill out our estimate form.

Our Unfinished Rustic Fencing and Corral Boards

Rustic Rough Cut Treated Fencing - Yellow Pine

Treated Fence BoardsRough Pine Fencing - Click for Gallery
  • Need a rough cut plank fence around your land? Our 1" rough cut fencing planks are perfect for you.
  • Full 1" Thick by 16 ft.
  • Pressure Treated
  • Rough Southern Yellow Pine

*Ballpark* Pricing
16' Treated Fencing = $8.40/pc
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*Min. Order = $500

Smooth Treated Fencing - Southern Yellow Pine

Knotty New Heart Pine FlooringSmooth Treated Yellow Pine Fencing
  • If a smooth look for your wood fence is more your style, then our dressed yellow pine, treated fencing is exactly what you need.
  • Net 1" x 5 1/2 x 16'
  • Treating Options

  • Regular Light Green

*Ballpark* Pricing
Regular Light Green = $7.50 sq./ft.
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*Min. Order = $500

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If you are looking for southern yellow pine fencing, then get a quote by calling (251) 296-2556 or (251) 727-0961 or filling out our estimate form.