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Tongue & Groove Pine & Cypress Ceiling Products

Cypress & Yellow Pine CeilingWhen designing a room, amazingly, the ceiling is often overlooked. But, a well-ornamented space is best designed from the top down. What's over your head has more to do with the feel of a room than any other aspect.

Like all aspects of home construction, paneled ceilings have seen their share of changes come and go. Prior to the 16th century the structural frame of the roof served as the only ceiling in most houses. The degree of ornamentation and embellishment depended on the status of the building and the wealth of the household.

During the 20th century, tongue-and-grooved boards were installed as paneled ceilings, routinely in kitchens and bathrooms, often v-jointed, beaded, or merely butt-jointed.

Southern Wood Specialities offers a variety of material options for these ceilings. Ranging from pine to cypress, you will find just the right look you are looking for. Get a quote today by calling (251) 727-0961 or fill out our estimate form.

Our Unfinished Rustic Ceiling Products

Cypress Double - Beaded Ceiling

Cypress Double Beaded CeilingDouble-Beaded Ceiling - Cypress
  • Our cypress double beaded ceiling adds a great texture to your ceiling. Popular for porch ceilings!
  • 1x6
  • #2 Grade
  • Select Grade
  • Also available in V Groove

*Ballpark* Pricing
#2 1x6 = $3.45/sq. ft.
Select 1x6 = $6.00/sq. ft.
Pecky 1x6 = Market price
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*Min. Order = 500/sq. ft.

Classic Yellow Pine Ceiling

Yellow Pine Paneling
1x6 Pine Ceiling - Click for Gallery
  • 1" Yellow Pine ceiling will make your home look its best. Get your firm quote today!
  • 1x6**
  • 3/4" Thick
  • Rustic Knotty
  • D Grade - Few Knotts
  • C Grade - Nearly Clear
  • Available in V Groove and Beaded

*Ballpark* Pricing
Rustic Knotty = $1.29/sq. ft.
D Grade = $2.00/sq. ft.
C Grade = $2.45/sq. ft.
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*Min. Order = 500/sq. ft.
**Other widths can be custom milled

Classy Pine Ceiling - 2" T&G-V

Classy Yellow Pine Ceiling
2x6 Tongue & Groove - V Ceiling
  • Great for churches or great room ceilings is our 2" Tongue & Groove - V Southern Yellow Pine. Can be End-Matched.
  • 2x6
  • #1 or #2
  • Coverage

  • 2x6 has 5"

*Ballpark* Pricing
#1 - 2x6 = $2.28/sq . ft.
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*Min. Order = 500/sq. ft.

Rustic Pine Ceiling - 2" T&G

Rustic Pine Ceiling - Tongue & Groove
2x6 Tongue & Groove Ceiling
  • Need a rustic look for your ceiling? Yellow pine tongue & groove will give you just the look you desire.
  • 2x6
  • #1 Grade
  • Coverage

  • 2x6 has 5"

*Ballpark* Pricing
#1 - 2x6 = $2.28/sq . ft.
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*Min. Order = 500/sq. ft.

Heavy Duty Tongue & Groove Pine Ceiling

3 Inch Double Tongue & Groove Ceiling
3x6 Double T&G-V - Click for Gallery
  • Great for Roof Decking is our heavy duty 3" tongue & groove -V, yellow pine lumber.
  • 3" Double T&G-V
  • 3x6 #1
  • Heavy Duty Ceiling
  • 5" of Coverage
  • Random Lengths

*Ballpark* Pricing
#1 - Endmatched = $5.40/sq. ft.
Pre-drilled holes and spikes
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*Min. Order = 500/sq. ft.

Didn't Find What You Are Looking For? Contact Us - We May Be Able To Get It!

If you are looking for great cypress ceiling and yellow pine ceiling products, then get a quote by calling (251) 296-2556 or (251) 727-0961 or filling out our estimate form.